Reception timeline example

Your wedding reception timeline will depend on a number of factors.  Below I have chosen a common six hour wedding reception timeline that is built around a sit down three course meal.  Remember this is just an example and there is no right or wrong its your wedding day so you can do things exactly how you would like.

6:00pm - Pre dinner drinks

6:30pm - Guests take their seats

6:45pm - Bridal Party introduced

7:00pm - Entree served

7:30pm - Cake cutting

7:45pm - Mains served

8:30pm - Speeches

9:00pm- Dessert served

9:15 - Bridal dance, Father/daughter dance

9:30pm - Dancing

11:00pm - Bouquet & Garter

1145pm - Farewell exit

12:00 - Finish

Just remember this is just an example and you can always move things around to suit,  like break up the speeches inbetween meals (eg if you have 6 speeches do 3 after entrees then 3 after mains), you can cut the cake as soon as you enter your reception or after the speeches (this will then lead into your bridal dance).

* Depending on guest numbers and kitchen meal times this timeline should be acheivable by most venues.

Tips to help you enjoy your night.

Have fun and enjoy your night - Your guests will follow you. If you are laughing, dancing and enjoying yourselves, your guests will too. When you see a packed dance floor, usually the bride and groom are right in the middle having fun.

Are your feet comfortable?  Every bride wants to have stunning shoes on their wedding day.  They look great for the ceremony and beautiful in photographs, but they don’t do well on the dance floor. Make sure to bring some flat shoes, comfy shoes or even thongs to give your feet a break.

- Photo booth - If you have a photo booth at your reception try and have it set up near the dance floor area,  from past experience they work well together and they add that little bit extra to a already awesome night!

- Research your suppliers -  You get one chance at making your special day perfect so make sure you have the right people there to help make this happen.   Ask Ask Ask ... alot of suppliers claim to be the best ... have won this ... have done that ... always check with the organisation that they have claimed to have won awards with .... ask ask ask, last thing you need is your wedding day story on Today Tonight!

- Enjoy your day it will be gone in a flash!