Bridal Dance Tips

Written on 06/05/2016
Justin Smale

Your first dance as husband and wife is a very special moment and all eyes will be on you on the dancefloor!

Many couples choose to dance together and on their own in the middle of the dancefloor during this romantic time. Other couples will have their Parents and then the Bridal party to join them half way throught their first song. It's completely up to you how you want your first dance to work. A tip for those couples that dont want to be the centre of attention during their dance, allow at least 30 seconds before the Parents and Bridal Party join you, this way your photographer/videographer will have time to take a few shots of just the two of you on the dancefloor.  Dry Ice is also a great way to cover your feet (shuffling) around the dancefloor if you are not a confident dancer.

When selecting a song try and choose a song that you both know. You can sing the song during your dance and this can help you relax and enjoy what could be a nervous part of your special day.

When selecting your bridal dance song you will need to decide how fast or slow your first dance will be. Most people choose something relatively slow because that's the easiest to dance to,  music is a personal thing so try and pick a song that best suits you!  

Most of all have fun!